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Troi Cluse

Marketing Graphic Designer, Artist





Duncanville, Tx, USA

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Welcome to My Portfolio

Hi there, I'm Troi! A dynamic and creative graphic designer with a passion for transforming ideas into visually stunning realities. My journey in the world of design has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences, drawing inspiration from discussions on color theory, typography, and innovative design trends. I pride myself on crafting visually appealing and functional solutions.


Through engaging conversations, I've honed my skills in creating impactful branding, captivating illustrations, and compelling layouts. My portfolio is a reflection of the collaborative and insightful discussions we've had, showcasing a fusion of creativity and strategic thinking. Dive into my work, and let the designs speak for themselves – a testament to the shared insights and inspirations that have fueled my growth as a graphic designer.

Balch Springs 
Fitness Court
Mural Design Project

Jan. 2022 - Jun. 2023

The City of Balch Springs, Tx

This project was in collaboration with the Balch Springs Community Development, Balch Springs Neighborhood Services Department, and the National Fitness Campaign.

This project was incredibly fun and a tremendous honor for me create something out of the box and original. Once the structure design was complete, the City Departments requested for me to design a mural that maintained the integrity of their brand colors, and would communicate the city's key objectives: Community, Growth and Innovation.


Vector Illustration, Print Production Design, Adobe Illustrator

Sprint the Springs 5K (ENG).png

2023 Sprint the Springs
5K Run/Walk Event Marketing Campaign

Jul. 2023 - Sep. 2023

The City of Balch Springs, Tx

This project was in collaboration with the Balch Springs Tourism Department.

In working with the Balch Springs Tourism Department, I designed various print/digital media (Social Media Posts and Stories, Flyers, Web -Banners, Billboards, Signs, Logos, T-shirts), and strategized a marketing campaign to boost engagement, spread awareness, and drive ticket sales and sponsorship donations for this city event.

Vector Illustration, Print Production Design, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Social Media Management and Advertising, Website Management, Marketing Strategy, Time Management, Project Management

Monthly Newsletter

2015 - 2023

The City of Balch Springs, Tx

This long-running monthly newsletter was a labor of love. For the past 8-years, I've been able to successfully design, manage and produce the city's newsletter publication. 

I was able to establish and lead a newsletter committee (which consisted of (1) staff member from each city department) to produce content, run print advertisements, and communicate valuable updates and information to the public.


  • 2020 Neighborhood Newsletter Competition
    2nd Place - Printed Format
    Issued by Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) - May 2020

  • 2019 Neighborhood Newsletter Competition
    1st Place - Printed Format
    Issued by Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) - May 2019


Vector Illustration, Print Production Layout and Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Project Management, Time Management

"Reimagine Balch Springs"
Employment Promotional Video

Filmed, Produced and Edited by Troi Cluse | 2023

In collaboration with the Balch Springs Human Resources Department, I was able to capture and produce an Employment Promotional Video for the department to utilize in their recruitment efforts, and to market their open employment opportunities within the City.

Skills Utilized:

Graphic Design, Video Production and Editing, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Illustrator, Drone Video, Project Management, Time Management

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